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Bu-353 Gps Driver Win7


average ProtocolGPS Protocol: Default: NMEA 0183 GPS Output Data: SiRF Binary GPS transfer rate: Software command setting (Default : 4800,n,8,1 for NMEA ) Dynamic ConditionAcceleration Limit: Less than 4g Altitude Limit: Installation was clean and it ran first try as described above. ...ken... The new BU-353 S4 had a fix on one or two more satellites during the test than the S3 version. --- The old version has received very positive feedback from many I find it a handy tool to use whenever I have a new GPS receiver to test.

I have a write up on how I set it up below in my signature. Great product and great support. I can drop it in my netbook sleeve along with my WiFi hub.. This may be due to the following new implementation: Quote: With the SiRF CGEE (Client Generated Extended Ephemeris) technology, has the capability of predicting satellite positions for up to 3 days http://usglobalsat.com/s-122-bu-353-support.aspx

Bu-353s4 Driver Download

So we are just seeing discounted price of the old stock, and a higher price of a brand new product. kept it from sliding off the dash .. I loaded the 64 bit Vista driver from USGlobalSat.

  1. http://www.usglobalsat.com/s-24-support-drivers.aspx#A The S4 was considerably better than the S3 in the location I tested.
  2. BR-355 / English / 2009-10-23 / Description GPS Info V1.03.zip- testing tool in general usage.
  3. Mine never worked for WAAS although the box was clearly labeled WAAS enabled.
  4. millerb270 I'm curious, could I plug a USB gender changer into this GPS, and then plug it into my iPod Touch USB cord to enable GPS on the iPod?
  5. Four years later, and GlobalSat BU-353 is still doing very well.
  6. The base of BU-353 is magnetic so it can be attached to a vehicle's roof easily.
  7. But the file seemed to be broken.

BC-337 / English / 2006-06-01 / Description GPS Info V1.03.zip- testing tool in general usage. I connected the S4 to the computer about the same time as I started downloading GPSGate. Currently, various places carry BU-353 for under $38 in the USA or under 29 in Europe. [EDIT] A new version of this GPS receiver has been released with a new generation Bu-353 Driver Windows 8 Support NMEA 0183 data protocol.

DVD Chart Set$149.95 ; CAPN v6.0 or newer required to qualify for upgrade price - email request to [email protected] App: Latitude and Longitude Conversion Tool for Windows$4.99 GlobalSat BU-353 S4 USB Bu 353 Driver Windows 10 The more you tell us the better we can help to solve your problem. I didn't have a program that would allow two instances to run with a different receiver connected to each. http://usglobalsat.com/s-172-bu-353-s4-support.aspx Good one, mate!!

Email Address: Home My Account View Cart/Checkout Product Registration Contact Us CAPN Software LLC // fax: 703.759.3266 Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS Receiver Ugr-86 Usb Gps Receiver Driver Download Super-cohesive magnetic for mounting on the car USB interface connection port. Does the S4 put you in the middle of the northern Pacific? Now I have the PL2303 showing in Add Remove but I can't remove it to try another driver.

Bu 353 Driver Windows 10

tcassidy My S4 arrived today so I put it to the test against a BU-353 (S3) on a computer running Win 7 64. http://www.worldnav.com/downloads/drivers/gps/bu-353/bu-353_download.html tcassidy While I was away, the BU-353 finally got a fix! Bu-353s4 Driver Download What's the cold start time for the S3 in that same location? ...ken... Gps Driver For Windows 7 Terry is right.

Both receivers were placed on the roof of the vehicle, approximately 30 cm (1 ft) apart, and the testing of both units was performed simultaneously. What exactly doesn't work? 5. I'll make sure to check the coords next time. SiRF Star III High Performance GPS chipset2. G-star Iv Gps Driver Free Download

Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions.Again, thanks. Any idea what I am doing wrong? If I recall correctly, BU353 was among the very first two USB GPS receivers based on the very powerful SiRFstarIII chip. (The first one was MR-350). Terry millerb270 I'm always keeping my eye out for a GPS option for my iPod Touch that isn't a $100 plug in or $100 Bluetooth device.

This may be partly due to the improved sensitivity of the SS4 chip, -163dBm, versus the SS3, -159dBm. G-star Iv Bu-353s4 Usb Gps Receiver I plugged in my BU 353 and it found the driver. I restarted my computer, downloaded the Win 7 driver, and as you probably anticipate it installed.

Marvin Hlavac Hmm, it certainly should!

It's very sensitive and easily receives signals indoors at residential locations. The receiver then connected to my DeLorme Street Atlas. LOL monkey2 That GPS worked really great .. Bu-353s4 Manual You like the Garmin better than Streets 2010?

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7. BU-353 was first released in 2005. I just got a new notebook computer a few days ago so I set it up on the kitchen table to test the new receiver. Double click the installer (BU-353.exe) from the extracted file and follow the prompts.

I downloaded and installed the driver from GlobalSat's web site because I don't have a DVD drive on the new computer. Afterwards, unzip the file and install the application.Then, connect the device and check the Device Manager. I just bang my head on the steering wheel to reset the operator. Terry millerb270 Terry, Thanks--guess I didn't know there was a "host" mode.