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Buck-boost Led Driver Ic


An optional external NTC is supported to protect the LEDs against overheating. After substituting the known values, we get: Calculate the minimum inductance with Equation 5: Where fSW is the switching frequency. The device includes various functions to protect the chip and the power LEDs. For less urgent requests, please complete our Technical Support Request Form. http://linuxcrypt.net/led-driver/buck-boost-driver.html

Learn more 7-Segment and dot matrix display LED driver ICs Multi-channel LED drivers for home appliances and other HMI displays. Slope Compensation Capacitor (C13) Peak current-mode control is known to be unstable at duty ratios more than 50% in a CCM boost-converter design. Connect the input power-supply input across the VIN and PGND pads. Calculate the input capacitor value (the parallel combination of C1, C2) with Equation 11: Where ΔVIN is the peak-to-peak input voltage ripple. http://www.linear.com/products/buck-boost_led_drivers

Buck Boost Led Driver Module

Forgot Your Password? The device is housed in a 16-lead QFN16 (4 x 4 mm) package with a height less than 1 mm. SaveCancel close - Design (Agree Disclaimer) This site is optimized for JavaScript.

  1. Illumination and general lighting LED drivers Flexible and innovative AC/DC, DC/DC, and AC linear solutions for general LED lighting in home, office or industrial applications.
  2. The MAX16834 controls the peak of the inductor current to achieve 350mA LED current under different input-output voltage conditions.
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  5. This isidealin cases such as a single cell Li-Ion battery driving a single LED where the input voltagecan vary from 4.2V fully charged down to 2.7V fully depleted while the LED
  6. The midpoint of R11 and R12 is connected to the OVP pin of the IC.

If the sense-resistor voltage reaches 300mV (typ), then the converter is turned off. Browse by LED application space What are you trying to do with your LEDs? TI offers simple indicator drivers and RGB controllers with on-chip memory for pattern generation. Boost Converter Led Driver The output current control ensures good current regulation over the forward voltage spread characteristics of high-brightness LEDs.

LED current waveform at 90% PWM dimming. Constant Current Boost Led Driver Learn more Signage & large display LED driver Constant-current LED String control products for large LED displays with up to 48 channels. The content on this webpage is protected by copyright laws of the United States and of foreign countries. Learn more IR LED driver ICs Low forward voltage LED drivers for time of flight or low light applications such as security cameras or night vison.

The MAX16834EVKIT was used to implement this reference design. Xl6003 About STMicroelectronics Who We Are Management ST Code of Conduct Blog Media Center Newsroom Backgrounders Media Contacts Media Subscription Investor Relations Investor Relations Home Calendar & Presentations Quarterly Results Corporate Governance LED voltage. You must have Javascript enabled to view this page.

Constant Current Boost Led Driver

Converter Design The parameters for the converter design follow: Input supply-voltage range: 7V to 18V Input voltage ripple: 100mVP-P Maximum LED forward voltage: 14V (which is 4 x 3.5V) LED current: http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/slva312 Find devices Online support Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in TI's E2E™ Community Visit forum Company | CSR | News | myROHM Login | Buck Boost Led Driver Module The switching frequency is configured with the 11kΩ R15 resistor. Constant Current Buck Led Driver It can be easily configured in buck, boost, buck-boost and SEPIC topologies.

In this design a buck-boost converter (input-voltage referenced) drives 350mA through 4 white LEDs (WLEDs) from a 7V to 18V DC supply. (Each WLED has a forward voltage drop of 3.5V http://linuxcrypt.net/led-driver/buck-boost-white-led-driver.html C) (Simulation Models) LM3429 - N-Channel Controller LED Driver Buck-Boost Evaluation Board (Evaluation Modules & Boards) LM3429 - N-Channel Controller LED Driver Boost Evaluation Board (Evaluation Modules & Boards) View All Figure 4. Drain voltage of N2. Buck Led Driver Circuit

This results in a control voltage across the COMP pin; this voltage sets the reference to the current loop. Schematic of the LED driver. Calculate the value of C13 with the Equation 7: Where VSLOPE is: Therefore from Equations 7 and 8, C13 = 1.57nF. http://linuxcrypt.net/led-driver/buck-boost-led-driver.html Show / Hide Parameters Show these Parameters Hide these Parameters Column Order Cancel Apply Changes Go to myROHM to view all of your saved items.

Circuit Waveforms and Performance Data Figure 3. Step Up Led Driver The device is a buck-boost converter which guarantees proper LED current control over all possible battery voltage and LED forward voltage conditions. Therefore, R5 = 0.56Ω.

Once the signal becomes high, NDRV is enabled and the output of the amplifier is connected to the COMP pin.

Please allow 2-3 business days for reply. Switch current waveform of N2. Other features include integrated Schottky diodes, accurate LED current matching and multiple output capability.

View All Buck-Boost LED Drivers You will need to enable JavaScript in your browser in order to Boost Led Driver Circuit The converter is disabled if the voltage across this pin reaches 1.435V (typ).

Learn more Backlight LED drivers DC/DC converters with precise and smooth dimming control for LCD panel backlighting. In this application, COUT is calculated to be 3µF. Adjustable high-side current sense voltage allows for tight regulation of the LED current with the highest efficiency possible. http://linuxcrypt.net/led-driver/buck-boost-led-drivers.html APP 4452: Aug 18, 2009 REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 4452, AN4452, AN 4452, APP4452, Appnote4452, Appnote 4452 × Login to MyMaxim Email address Password Not registered?

When the PWM signal is high, then NDRV is enabled and the output of the transconductance amplifier is connected to the COMP pin. Key Features Buck-boost DC-DC converter Drives one power LED up to 1 A in flash mode Drives one power LED up to 800 mA in continuous mode LED temperature protection Output Therefore, C1 is selected as 2.2µF/25V and C2 as 1.1µF/25V. Here a 0.1µF capacitor is chosen.

When the signal is low, NDRV is disabled and the output of the amplifier is disconnected. Figure 9. This flexibility, along with an input voltage rating of 75V, makes the LM3429 ideal for illuminating LEDs in a very diverse, large family of applications.